We get that question a lot – Megamify (pronounced Ma-game-ify: me-gāmi-fē) is a backend solution for game developers geared specifically to Creative Teams on multiple platforms directly ‘out of the box’.

Platform Overview

Simply put, if you are designing a game/activation on a mobile device, or for an in-person event, we’ve got you covered. Basically any activation but a traditional video game console (although we could make that work, too). Using our services saves your team’s time and funding, by providing pre-made game basics/logic, tools, analytics, webhooks, and so much more...

Megamify is stacked to the sky with a pre-built suite of API and webhook endpoints, and configurable logic/rule engines that allow designers to develop games and interactive elements that fit any storyline, location(s), budget, or narrative.

The Team Behind Megamify™

Behind the scenes, Megamify was designed by X Studios™, an award-winning, creative + technology studio crafting digital experiences for brands around the world – Specializing in interactives, gaming, mobile & platform design, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and experiential & custom fabrication. X Studios’ flexible, fun, and transparent approach has allowed them to work with well known brands like Universal Parks & Resorts™, Disney™, Lady Gaga, EA Sports™, and more. This experience gives us the upper hand to deliver interactive content, and the backend system solutions needed for large (or small) scaled gaming.

To learn more about X Studios™, check us out at https://xstudios.com.